About KaibanZero

What does KaibanZero mean? 

"Kaiban" is the name of the Maplestory guild I was in during 7th grade. It means a beggar in Vietnamese, and was just a fun name that I loved to use throughout my life. "Zero" is a concept I've always loved, because it represents the starting point, as well as the end. When your health is zero, it usually means game over, and yet can also be looked at a restart. I spelled my name with a zero one day, and someone said it was cool, because I gave zero a meaning when I attached it to myself. It stuck with me ever since, and now I've just combined my childhood names together to be KaibanZero. I thought long and hard about a name that could stand for the brand, and realized I should just go with a name that is a direct representation of me, the owner ( ˘▽˘)っ♨ 

I grew up watching anime and started this brand because I had COVID unemployment money (I was previously working at a ramen franchise from Japan for 5 years) and thought it would be a neat passion project, though grew a lot more than I thought. Not going to give the same spiel as everyone else about how I was being bullied for being "weird" or liking anime because I literally started it out of a fun idea (◐ω◑ )


How are your clothes made/How do I wash them?

My clothes are screenprinted nearby, and I go to oversee the production myself! Screenprinting (as opposed to Direct To Garment/Heat Press) makes designs last a lot longer, especially with the ink I use (plastisol) so you won't be getting Hot Topic level fading and peeling. Wash your clothes inside-out in a standard washer of your preferred setting. Shrinking in my clothes is extremely minimal too!